Equipment Lease Options Quote Request Lease Agreement Equipment Finance Agreement
Flexible terms that include renewal and return operations, trade-ups, early termination and purchase operations – your choice
Freight and installation costs can be included
Lease terms of 24 months or longer
Equipment range – $10,000 to $1,000,000 plus

Capital or operating leases available

  • capital – the most common type of equipment lease, a capital lease tends to have lower rentals and a longer lease term to match the useful life of the equipment leased
  • operating – generally shorter term leases that have the advantage of not appearing as a form of debt on financial statements
Sale and leaseback – You can free up working capital from over-depreciated or undervalued assets. We pay our current secured lenders or lessors, extend more favorable terms, often lower your monthly cash payments and usually complete the entire transaction in just a few weeks.
Variable payment lease – A new form of leasing to provide you with the maximum cash flow control. For leases over $150,000, pay any amount you want to each month within a broad predetermined range. Some day, most leasing will be done this way. Available now from m2 Lease Funds LLC.