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Why do companies lease? More than ever, leasing equips America. In fact, equipment leasing is the largest single source of equipment financing in the world. Four of five U.S. Companies lease equipment including the Fortune 500. These companies have access to some of the lowest cost financing alternatives in the world. Yet, they choose leasing for quantitative and qualitative reasons.

Many business haven't reanalyzed how leasing may benefit their situation, still thinking that leasing is too costly and is the financial alternative of last resort. When companies do review the after-tax advantages of leasing, many times they find that leasing is the best alternative.

The financial needs of a growing business sometimes require amounts of capital that exceed its internal capabilities. m2 Lease Funds can provide a partial solution as an alternative source of competitively priced funds for capitalized assets. A mature, profitable company may have a variety of financial options available to it. The properly structured m2 "true operating lease" can provide a creative lease structure resulting in maximum tax deferral and savings.

Office equipment, production and processing equipment, communications equipment - almost all forms of commercial, industrial and office equipment is leased.

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