Personal Service Team Board Of Directors

As a private investment firm, we specialize in the leasing of commercial and industrial equipment. We invest for and manage our own portfolio.

We offer:

  • technically competent leasing professionals
  • a comprehensive range of finance lease options
  • competitive rates
  • an additional source of equipment financing
  • clear, concise and simple lease documentation
  • quick response and turnaround time
  • on-site personal representation with decision makers

Even though one-third of all capital equipment is leased, leasing is still underutilized as a financial tool - mainly because the specific applications are not well understood, or offered, by most leasing companies.

Management Team

  • John Engelbrecht, Founder & C.E.O.
  • Richard W. Couch, President & C.O.O.
  • Christine Kennedy, C.F.O.
  • Brian Besler, Sr. V.P.

Sales Team

  • Paul Celentani, Leasing Officer
  • Jacqueline Flynn, Sr. V.P.
  • Rick Gravelle, Sr. V.P.
  • Chip David Houser, Sr. V.P.
  • John O’Connor, V.P.
  • Richard Popp, Sr. V.P.
  • James Rogers, Sr. V.P.
  • Gary Stang, Sr. V.P.
  • Bruce Volk, Sr. V.P.
  • Donna Welter, Sr. V.P.
  • Michael Wilkins, V.P.

Professional Staff

  • Jennifer Carstens, Tax Director
  • Rusty Long, Sr. V.P.

Board of Directors

  • John R. Engelbrecht
  • Michael A. Hatfield
  • Larry J. Helling
  • Mark Hogan
  • John Anderson
  • Dana L. Nichols
  • Pat S. Baird